Vacation in Side, Turkey

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It was two years since we (my family and I) last went on a charter to somewhere warm. This time we went to Side in Turkey. A small town about one hour buss trip from the international airport of Antalya. Traveling with three children can be a real challenge some times and this trip was no exception. Trying to get a one and a half year old  to sit still in an Airplane is somewhat tedious. Apart from that little struggle, most of the trip went really well.

The sun was shining merciless and the best place to be was at the beach, since there at least the wind was blowing. At one side of the small peninsula that contained the old city of side, the beach was a bit crowded.

Side beach Norh, Canon 5d Mark II, 24-105 IS


Luckily there was another beach on the other side where space was plentiful =).

Side Long beach, Canon 5d Mark II, 24-105 IS


Apart from getting cooked there was lots of things to do and see. You could for example go on a boat trip (we never did that…fighting one and half year old boy in confined space….Well, some other time). Almost all of the tour boats had some theme, something from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I wonder if that specific part was regulated in some law.

Weird tour boats.


No, we saved the boats for another year and stayed in the shade by the beach or the pool.

Shade by the pool


Daytime was otherwise to hot to be walking about (36 C). It was still really warm in the evening and luckily most of the restaurants had fans available, oh and beer of course =).





Local commerce was mainly constituted of small stores that sold a bit of everything with enormously varying quality. Luckily we saw through all of that and bought real Conerfs sneakers,  I mean Converse of course. Other things were more, how should I put it, genuine or describing (I want to be real).

Turkish Lidl, or not




There must be a heavy price on paint in this city or perhaps, as Johan suggested, very common to carry knives. How could otherwise this be explained?

Cactus graffiti


Food was wonderful and accompanied by a wonderful sunset if you were to choose a restaurant by the sea. The only downside was the constant nagging of shop keepers and restaurant owners who wanted you to invest in their particular business while they eagerly explained how sick you were to be if you ate at some other restaurant or how expensive the others were. I have three children and I don’t need more nagging, I really don’t.


Filip and Markus


Well, it was a nice trip after all.


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