White tailed Eagles

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Last weekend Göran let me borrow his Eagle hide for a day. That ment getting in to the hide at Saturday evening, and exiting the day after. I must say I enjoyed it a lot. Göran routinely feeds the eagles with leftovers from a fish precessing plant. This time roughly a 100 kg was spread out som 40-60 m from the hide. Aside from a massive amount of crows and ravens there were plenty of eagles.

The weather was shifting and from time to time heavy snow fall gave me problems with autofocus and image quality. These are really big birds and when they spread their enormous wings it’s just awesome. I mean, a crow has a wingspan of up to 1 m  and it’s just tiny in comparison to the eagle.

I really feel privileged to have had the opportunity to see these magnificent birds close up.

Many thank’s to Göran!


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